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Debra Thoms

3LP (Life Long Learning Program)

Welcome from Debra Thoms FACN (DLF), Chief Executive Officer ACN

This is a very exciting and challenging time for the nursing profession. As nurses, we work in a constantly changing and evolving environment that requires our ongoing engagement with new technologies, ideas and advances in professional practice.

The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) recognises the importance of ongoing professional development in enabling nurses to deliver quality patient care and grow and develop their practice and career.  ACN is committed to providing nurses with support in managing their professional development. Our lifelong learning program, 3LP, is an online program which has brought together creating a learning plan access to e-learning activities and quality research materials and tools for recording of professional development. Activities which we provide through 3LP have been quality assured through ACN's endorsement processes.

We are proud of the success of 3LP and are committed to ensuring that this program remains current, relevant and comprehensive. Improvements continue to be made to the user interface. The state-of-the-art technology provides you with various tools for communication with colleagues working in many different settings including those in isolation and in rural and remote settings. Why not take the opportunity to connect?

With 3LP, it's simple to plan, implement, document and validate your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours to meet annual registration requirements, communicate with colleagues and develop your nursing career. We are excited by the new features of 3LP and welcome feedback on how we can to continue to meet your needs and improve our service.

I trust you will find the 3LP program a valuable companion throughout your nursing journey.
Debra Thoms FACN (DLF)

If you would like to register for the package, access is now available for $121 (GST inclusive).
Please click on this link to complete the online registration form.

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